Photo Retouching

All of our photos will be touched up to our best knowledge (so you look like on you would on your very best day), this includes:

Basic color retouching, we love bright colors

Enhanced skin retouching, your skin will be silky smooth. We usually touch up any mistakes the make-up artist does. No shiny spots, no ugly red blemishes, we also take away any eye bags from the night before / not enough sleep so you look your very best. We do not alter any characteristics. We might soften scars, but we do not want to take anything away that would take away from your personality.

We straighten your world. Since the main photographer has an architectural background, cricked walls hurt our eyes. (This counts especially for any church & ceremony photos / not party photos). Some photos were on purpose taken on an angle. We mostly straighten the perspective, if it’s off, so it looks like straight out of a magazine.

We don’t alter body types.

If you want us to make any additional changes to the photos we sent you see below.

Additional Touch-ups:

Do you want us to make additional changes to your photos?

Take away some pounds off my ribs$20 per photo

Hide my tattoo$20 per photo

Soften my scars$15 per photo

These changes will be uploaded to your online gallery, if you want to order a CD with the enhanced digital files it will cost an extra $42 (shipping included).

Some Samples of our Magic:

A glimpse into our world. During the busy wedding season we work 16h a day (!) to make your photos beautiful and to deliver them in time:

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