** Copy Right (Please Read!)


Copyright is, a form of intellectual property and literally, the “right to copy”. Copyright is owned solely by the originator (here the photographer) of the work from the moment of its creation. Copyright violation, even if unintentional, is a violation of federal law and subject to prosecution. Agnieszka Wormus owns the copyright to all the digital images created during the session. Images / CDs / DVDs may not be copied, scanned or reproduced in any way without written permission from Agnieszka Wormus.

Yes, if you are one of my clients, you receive a CD with all the high resolution, touched-up (!) images, and you are welcome to use your own photo lab to get prints, as long as it’s for your own, personal use.

Uploading the photos to an online gallery, where your friends & family can download them or even buy prints is NOT ALLOWED. All my packages come with an online (password protected) gallery where you can get beautiful, high quality prints. If you don’t want to share the whole gallery with your friends & family, let me know, and I will happily upload a smaller gallery, or delete certain photos. Please do NOT upload high res. photos, it is illegal. There are companies that are just waiting for you to put your photos online, so they can make money off them and before you know it your photos are being sold and displayed on commercial boards, and no … this is no joke!

Thanks for respecting this law!

~ Agnieszka


If you upload the photos to an online gallery where family & guests can download and / or order photos, you will be fined $1000 in addition to that you will also lose the online gallery I prepared for you AND the album that was included in your package! I am VERY strict and against sharing digital files. I do mention it in the email that I send to you that includes all the links & other information about the album order. Ignoring these rules is absolutely not acceptable, and I will not make any exceptions!

There are several programs that photographers use to find their photos on the web, they are reverse image search engines. The photographer can submit a photo or a gallery to find out where the photo is located, how it is being used and if modified versions of the image(s) exist.

I do not recommend violation.


Please contact me for more information, I’m sure we can work something out. Thanks!